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1 Morley Sq
report, Purchase Price £32  No 1 Morley Square (close trams) Bishopston. Semi-detached, four bedrooms, bath,three sitting-rooms, level kitchen, cellar; interest in square; £32  
2 Morley Sq
Walter Henry Sheppard occupant 
3 Morley Sq
Matilda Webb occupant 
4 Morley Sq
Roland C Berkeley occupant 
5 Morley Sq
Sarah Anne Leaman occupant 
6 Morley Sq
John Hammond Birbaum occupant 
7 Morley Sq
James Kitchen occupant 
8 Morley Sq
Gerald Dawbarn occupant 
9 Morley Sq
Albueia Rumboll occupant, select school 
10 Morley Sq
Daniel Griffiths occupant 
11 Morley Sq
Priscilla M Westover occupant 
12 Morley Sq
William Henry Cooke occupant 
13 Morley Sq
Edwin Clifford Cummins occupant 
14 Morley Sq
Frank Tilley occupant 
15 Morley Sq
William Coad Sarah occupant 
16 Morley Sq
Richard Coleridge occupant 
17 Morley Sq
Samuel James Rawlings occupant 
18 Morley Sq
Brock occupant 
19 Morley Sq
Edward A Smith occupant 
20 Morley Sq
Lewis Richard Congdon occupant 
21 Morley Sq
John Hammond Codrington Hobkirk occupant, barrister 
22 Morley Sq
Robert Jefferies occupant 
23 Morley Sq
Elizabeth Gallop occupant 
24 Morley Sq
John Henry Bennett birth 
John Henry Bennett birth 
John Joseph Carey occupant 
25 Morley Sq
Annie Sessions occupant 
26 Morley Sq
Lewis Alexander Salmon occupant 
27 Morley Sq
Caroline Smith owner  Assent by AW Smith conveying his share of the property to his wife Caroline Smith "in consideration of his natural love and affection for her…"  
Emily Charlotte Grant birth 
Edwin John Sherring occupant 
Brynland 7
John Gordon Holt occupant