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13 Morley Sq | Vignette

Date Event Description
1890 Built James Gilbert
20 February 1890 Purchased James Gilbert for £200
1891-? Occupied by William Lamoon [brewers traveller]
1891-? Occupied by Arabella C Lamoon
1891-? Occupied by William Henry Lamoon [clerk]
1891-? Occupied by George C Lamoon [telegraph messanger]
1891-? Occupied by Lillian M Lamoon [scholar]
1891-? Occupied by Albert J Lamoon [scholar]
1891-? Occupied by Violet L Lamoon [scholar]
1891-? Occupied by Daisy C Lamoon [scholar]
Sold After 2 years
14 July 1892 Purchased Rebecca Collis and Joseph Collis [master mariner] for £330
1892-? Occupied by Collins
1892-1910 Occupied by Joseph Collis
1895-1897 Occupied by Clarke
1898-1908 Occupied by Edwin Clifford Cummins [agent for sale of spirits and wines]
1901-? Occupied by Sarah Cummins [at home]
1901-? Occupied by Alice Cummins [teacher school]
1901-? Occupied by Reginald Cummins [clerk cc]
1901-? Occupied by Percy Cummins [clerk cc]
1909-1912 Occupied by Spencer Prideaux [ironmonger's assistant]
1911-? Occupied by Alice Prideaux
1911-? Occupied by Theodore Prideaux [scholar]
Sold After 21 years
28 March 1913 Purchased Julia Higman for £220
1913-? Occupied by William J Shaul
1914-1918 Occupied by Thomas George Price
1920-1923 Occupied by Fred Nicholls
Sold After 11 years
2 August 1924 Purchased Ellen Mabel Ackerman [qualified optician] for £710
1924-1934 Occupied by William Provis Ackerman
1924-1966 Occupied by Ellen Mabel Ackerman
1935-1952 Occupied by Emily Ackerman [unpaid domestic duties]
1951-? Occupied by Leslie Byram
1951-? Occupied by Margaret J Byram
1951-? Occupied by Ronald W Jay
1951-? Occupied by Jean A Jay
1956-1961 Occupied by Alban P Pibworth
1956-1966 Occupied by Ellen M Pibworth
Sold After 42 years
4 October 1966 Purchased Peter George Everleigh for £3000
1966-1983 Occupied by Peter George Everleigh
1970-1986 Occupied by Lydia Margaret Everleigh
Sold After 18 years
12 September 1984 Purchased Lydia Margaret Everleigh for £7500
Sold After 3 years
1987 Purchased Current Owners
2017 Purchased Current Owners