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18 Morley Sq

Date Event Description
1889 Built William Howard
25 October 1889 Purchased Elizabeth Herbert for £390
1889-1901 Occupied by Elizabeth Herbert
1890-1903 Occupied by Josiah Herbert [auctioneer and valuer]
1891-1901 Occupied by Annie M Herbert [school student]
1891-1901 Occupied by Bessie M Herbert [school student]
1891-? Occupied by Louise Bagnall [general servant (domestic)]
1904-1906 Occupied by Brock
Sold After 18 years
5 July 1907 Purchased William Arthur Sheldon [schoolmaster] for £380
1907-1926 Occupied by William Arthur Sheldon
1911-? Occupied by Flora Anne Sheldon
1911-? Occupied by Charlotte Amelia Sheldon
1911-? Occupied by Florence Charlotte Sheldon
1911-? Occupied by Arnold Leslie Sheldon [school]
1911-? Occupied by Marjorie Flora Sheldon
1911-? Occupied by Ethel Loise Knowles [professional nurse]
Sold After 20 years
21 July 1927 Purchased Robert Wilmott Renshaw [organ builder] for £835
Sold After 1 year
15 May 1928 Purchased Thomas Henry Nelmes [rtd doc foreman] and Jane Nelmes for £825
1928-1936 Occupied by Thomas Henry Nelmes
1937-1951 Occupied by Arthur Kerruish [cabinet maker]
1939-1951 Occupied by Sarah J Kerruish [unpaid domestic duties]
1939-? Occupied by Lydia Banwell [unpaid domestic duties]
1939-? Occupied by Mary Smith [unpaid domestic duties]
Sold After 18 years
27 September 1946 Purchased Ernest Nelmes for £700
1946-1975 Occupied by Ernest Nelmes
1951-1985 Occupied by Gertrude Annie Nelmes
1966-1970 Occupied by Gillian M Ross
1966-1970 Occupied by Patricia E Ross
Sold After 32 years
3 February 1978 Purchased Gertrude Annie Nelmes
1983-1985 Occupied by Heather D B Mindenhall
Sold After 7 years
6 December 1985 Purchased Michael William Steele and Sandra Steele for £30000
Sold After 1 year
May 1986 Purchased Alan Robert Simmonds for £42000
1986-? Occupied by John A Siveter
1986-? Occupied by Catherine J White
Sold After 2 years
22 April 1988 Purchased Terence John Olpin
1989-? Occupied by David O Jones
1989-? Occupied by Lesley C Jones
1989-? Occupied by Carolyn I Bull
1989-? Occupied by Peter Kovacs
Sold After 4 years
22 May 1992 Purchased Owner and Owner
Sold After 14 years
Nov 2006 Purchased Current Owners