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Elizabeth Gallop

Elizabeth Gallop was born in 1843 in Dartmouth Devon.

She owned 23 Morley Sq in 1910.

Elizabeth moved to 23 Morley Sq in 1891, aged 48 . She left in 1910, after a period of 20 years.

Her sons were Ebanezer Gallop, Stanley G Wannell, Herbert S Gallop, Ernest Gallop and Ebenezer Gallop

Her head was Ellen J Wannell

Her daughters were Olive C Wannell, Maria H Gallop and Emily A Gallop

Her husband was Thomas C. Gallop

Her was Ellen J Wannell

Her servant was Alice A Sweet

Records used

Date Age Details Source
1891 (48) occupant, Married, Wife  census
1900 (57) occupant  kelly
1901 (58) occupant  kelly
1901 (58) occupant, WIDOW, Head, Retired  census
1902 (59) occupant  kelly
1903 (60) occupant  kelly
1904 (61) occupant  kelly
1910 (67) owner  valuation