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The History of Morley Square


Morley Square is a square in Bishopston, Bristol which is owned and managed by the residents of the surrounding houses.

During 2017, we (Julia and Chris Wallace) researched the history of the square and its inhabitants since its inception in 1888/90. The product is the book Julia wrote and this website.

You can read the book online, download the PDF and view our analysis of censuses and surveys of the square.

The trees

Along with the pleasure of using the square comes the responsibilty of maintaining the grounds, the walls and of course the trees. This small but impressive collection has been recorded and mapped. There are 40 trees in the square with 29 different species making a small aboretum which is a credit to the residents past and current.


Data included in this study is drawn from a range of sources. Only data from before May 2017 has been included. Data on current residents has been redacted. There is data on over 1300 people gathered from over 100 sources and undoubtedly some transcription and identification errors remain. We also have a blog about trees and naturcsse in the Square.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any contributions or corrections - email


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