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1984 < 1985 > 1986 | Year

1 Morley Sq
Florence R Bocking occupant 
Rosina J Boulton occupant 
Hilda Davey occupant 
Agnes Fursland occupant 
Nellie New occupant 
Marion F Oliver occupant 
Brenda J Osborne occupant 
Hilda E Parker occupant 
May Upton occupant 
Evelyn Webb occupant 
Edith M Wood occupant 
Ivy Weaver occupant 
2 Morley Sq
3 Morley Sq
Joseph Ernest Collins occupant 
4 Morley Sq
Jonathon C Hyde occupant 
Claire F Pinches occupant 
Suzanne L Raper occupant 
Anne E M Richards occupant 
Hayley Richards occupant 
Jane L Whitehead occupant 
5 Morley Sq
Jacqueline S Knight occupant 
Paul M J Knight occupant 
6 Morley Sq
Leslie A Evans occupant 
Thomas C Griffiths occupant 
Harriett D Taylor occupant 
Williams T D Taylor occupant 
7 Morley Sq
Janet Goode occupant 
Alfred F P Tucker occupant 
8 Morley Sq
Andrew Tunstall occupant 
Rebecca Tunstall occupant 
Karen Woolford occupant 
9 Morley Sq
Margaret M T Bergin occupant 
Victoria T Bergin occupant 
10 Morley Sq
Robert Black occupant 
Thomas E Cooke occupant 
Thomas E Coombes occupant 
Raymond Hooper occupant 
Kevin Meadows occupant 
Marilyn J Williams occupant 
11 Morley Sq
Gillian Biddulph occupant 
Michael J Dudley occupant 
Jeremy J Lee-Barber occupant 
12 Morley Sq
Elsie M Taylor occupant 
13 Morley Sq
Lydia Margaret Everleigh occupant 
14 Morley Sq
Amanda Millen occupant 
Kenneth J Millen occupant 
15 Morley Sq
16 Morley Sq
Richard Szpyt occupant 
Teresa J Szpyt occupant 
17 Morley Sq
Winifred Eileen Watts occupant 
18 Morley Sq
Gertrude Annie Nelmes occupant 
Heather D B Mindenhall occupant 
Michael William Steele owner, Purchase Price £30000  GA Nelmes of Greystokes Southmead to Michael William Steele and Sandra Steel of Gloucester Rd £30,000  
Sandra Steele owner 
19 Morley Sq
Beatrice Virgo occupant 
Violet Pearce occupant 
20 Morley Sq
Michael J Bosley occupant 
Julie P Bosley occupant 
21 Morley Sq
David M Hudson occupant 
John L Russell occupant 
22 Morley Sq
Anthony J Miller occupant 
Elizabeth Miller occupant 
Herbert J Wiltshire occupant 
23 Morley Sq
Nellie E J Hobbs occupant 
Winifred E Hobbs occupant 
24 Morley Sq
Philip J Albery
Elizabeth H Albery
25 Morley Sq
Alan T Hayes occupant 
Margaret R Hayes occupant 
Mark Guilfoyle occupant 
Timothy Johnson occupant 
Jonathan Griffiths occupant 
26 Morley Sq
James E Gardiner occupant 
Judith E Gardiner occupant 
Anthony J Sampson occupant 
27 Morley Sq
John Cameron Murray occupant 
Frieda May Murray occupant 
Joanna E Murray occupant 
Brynland 7
William Henry Martin