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Address Date Report Person Source
18  1873 birth  Jane Nelmes F, 1911 Census (at 3 Bathhurst Place, Bristol)
18  1879 birth  Thomas Henry Nelmes M, 1911 Census (at 3 Bathhurst Place, Bristol)
18  25 Oct 1889 builder  William Howard [deeds]
18  25 Oct 1889 owner  Elizabeth Herbert Purchase Price 390MHNS Maskelyne (the Grantor) William Howard (2) Elizabeth Herbert of Norcombe, Morley Square married woman (grantee) W Howard had erected a dwelling house on the plot, agreed to sell for £390 Subject to rentcharge, convenants, etc. Plot of land 29’ in front, 100’ in depth “more or less adjoining a new road intended to be called Salthrop Road and being part of certain closes of land called or known as Brynland and Horsehill site …..” “AND ALSO the right in common with the occupiers of adjoining plots of Land the property of Grantor at all convenient times to enter upon and use as a recreation or Pleasure ground all that Close or Garden known by the name or designation of Morley Square.” Rentcharge of £3.10.0 ….. [same covenants, etc. as no 16]   [deeds]
18  1901 birth  Ernest Nelmes M, 1911 Census (at 3 Bathhurst Place, Bristol)
18  1902 birth  Gertrude A Nelmes F, 1939 Register
18  5 Jul 1907 owner  William Arthur Sheldon ,Schoolmaster Purchase Price 380Conveyance: E Herbert wife of Josiah of Cotham (vendor) William Arthur Sheldon of Brynland, schoolmaster (Purchaser) For £130, subject to £250 still owning Property known as no 18 Morley Square (formerly plot no 39 Salthrop Rd.) Includes right to enter and use Morley Square   [deeds]
18  21 Jul 1927 owner  Robert Wilmott Renshaw ,Organ Builder Purchase Price 835WA Sheldon to Robert Willmott Renshaw of Montpelier, Organ Builder £835   [deeds]
18  15 May 1928 owner  Thomas Henry Nelmes ,Rtd Doc Foreman Purchase Price 825RW Renshaw (of Montpelier) to Thomas Henry Nelmes of St Augustines Bristol, Rtd Dock Foreman & Mrs Jane Nelmes £825   [deeds]
18  15 May 1928 owner  Jane Nelmes [deeds]
18  24 Dec 1940 death  Jane Nelmes web BDM
18  27 Sep 1946 owner  Ernest Nelmes Purchase Price 700TH Nelmes (of Brislington) to Ernest Nelmes of no 18 M Sq (Mrs J Nelmes having died on 24.12.1940) £700   [deeds]
18  31 Aug 1960 report  Approval for alterations to form two flats   [deeds]
18  1977-12-037 death  Ernest Nelmes BDM
18  3 Feb 1978 owner  Gertrude Annie Nelmes [deeds]
18  6 Dec 1985 owner  Sandra Steele [deeds]
18  6 Dec 1985 owner  Michael William Steele Purchase Price 30000GA Nelmes of Greystokes Southmead to Michael William Steele and Sandra Steel of Gloucester Rd £30,000   [deeds]
18  2 Apr 1986 report  Permission refused to upgrade and convert lower ground floor to self contained flats   [deeds]
18  May 1986 owner  Alan Robert Simmonds Purchase Price 42000Contract: MW & S Steele of Gloucester Rd to Alan Robert Simmonds of Willsbridge £42,000   [deeds]
18  22 Apr 1988 owner  Terence John Olpin Search   [deeds]
18  1994 death  Gertrude A Nelmes BDM