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Walter Samuel Clarke

Walter Samuel Clarke was born in 1858 in Londonderry Ireland.

He worked as a civil service 1st class assistant superintendent post office and accountant in post office.

He owned 16 Morley Sq in 15 Oct 1889.

Walter Samuel moved to 16 Morley Sq in 1889, aged 31 . He left in 1901, after a period of 13 years.

His wife was Mary J Clarke

Records used

Date Age Details Source
1889 (31) occupant  kelly
15 Oct 1889 (31) owner, Purchase Price £345  15.10.1889 Brynland and Horsehill Estate No. 37 Salthrop Road Grant of Plot of Land and Dwellinghouse subject to rent charge’ MHNS Maskelyne (1) Grantor William Howard (2) Builder Walter Clark (3) Grantee Plot, shown on plan is number 37: “All that plot of land containing by admeasurement twenty feet and six inches in front and ninety four foot in depth more or less adjoining a New Road intended to be called Salthrop Road and being part of certain Closes of Land called or known as Brynland and Horsehill situate in the Parish of Horfield in the County of Gloucester ….” Recital that the builder has erected a swelling house on the plot and agreed with the Grantor for the sale to (3) at £345 subject to rent charge and covenants. Also conveyed “And also the right in common with the Occupiers of adjoining plots of Land the property of the Grantor at all convenient times to enter upon and use as a Recreation or Pleasure Ground All that Close or Garden known by the name or designation of Morley Square Together with the free use and enjoyment of all roads ways and sewers now existing or hereafter to be made by the grantor his heirs or assigns or by other persons authorised by him or them upon the said pieces of Land called Brynland and Horsehill for the use and benefit of the Occupiers of houses thereon Except nevertheless and reserving unto the Grantor his heirs and assigns out of the Conveyance hereby made all mines and minerals limestone and quarries (other than stone to be used only for building on the said plot of Land hereby conveyed) compensation being made to the Grantor his heirs and assigns for all injury caused to the surface of the said Land or the house or buildings for the time being standing thereon in working the said minerals” Perpetual rent charge of £3 5 shillings to be paid half yearly on 25 March and 29 September to Grantor or heirs, etc. Also all properties to pay expenses and charges for “making renewing cleansing and repairing roads footpaths cesspools sewers drains watercourses and party walls ….” Until roads etc. are adopted by the “Parish or other Public Local Authority.” “And will in common with the Occupiers of adjoining plots of land the property of the Grantor keep and maintain in good condition and order as a Recreation or Pleasure Ground and to the satisfaction of the Grantor or his Surveyor the said Close or Garden called Morley Square and that in case the said Close or Garden shall not be kept in such condition or order as aforesaid it shall be lawful for the Grantor to put the same into such condition and order and thereupon the Grantee shall pay to the Grantor his proportionate part or share of the expenses incurred in so doing and will not erect or build on the said plot of land any other building than the said dwelling house except a Greenhouse or Conservatory for the use of the…” occupier, with the Grantor’s consent. Also not to take down the house or any party or alter or change the elevation or external appearance without consent. Boundary walls to be party walls - share costs of repair. Must have insurance cover at least to £250. Must repair damage to property within 12 months. Not to use “for dangerous noisy noxious or offensive purpose whatsoever” Only to be used as private dwelling and allow entry once a year to Grantor.   deeds
1890 (32) occupant  kelly
1891 (33) occupant  kelly
1891 (33) occupant, Married, Head, Employee, Accountant in Post Office  census
1892 (34) occupant  kelly
1893 (35) occupant  kelly
1894 (36) occupant  kelly
1895 (37) occupant  kelly
1896 (38) occupant  kelly
1897 (39) occupant  kelly
1898 (40) occupant  kelly
1899 (41) occupant  kelly
1900 (42) occupant  kelly
1901 (43) occupant  kelly
1901 (43) occupant, Married, Head, Civil Service 1st class Assistant Superintendent Post Office  census