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Address Date Report Person Source
27  Dec 1851 birth  Edwin John Sherring web
27  1876 marriage  Edwin John Sherring web
27  3 Oct 1880 owner  Clara Jane Smith Purchase Price 357Grant between MHNS Maskelyne (grantor - 1) George Tyler of Bishopston (builder - 2) Clara Jane Smith of Bishopston,spinster (grantee - 3) Recites that George Tyler had erected a house on the land and sells it to (3) for £357 15/- subject to yearly rentcharge and covenants and stipulations. Plot is 26' frontage and 100' in depth facing newly laid out enclosure intended to be called Morley Square, being part of closes of land called Mile Stile Ground and Brynland and Horsehill in the parish of Horfield. Also right in common with occupiers of adjoining plots of land the property of (1) to enter on and use as a Recreation or Pleasure Ground the close or garden known as Morley Square, etc. etc. Rentcharge of £4 4/- to be paid to (1). To pay, with other occupiers, expenses for making, cleansing repairing roads footpaths cesspools sewers drains watercourses and party walks until roads and sewers are adopted by parish or other Public Local Authority. And in common with occupiers of adjoining plots to maintain in good condition and order as recreation or pleasure ground the said … Morley Square. To insure property for at least £250.   [various]
27  3 Oct 1880 builder  George Tyler [various]
27  1881 birth  James Wilfred Dent 1911 census (at 8 Westcliffe Kendel)
27  1881 birth  Mabel Mary Isabella Dent 1911 census (at 8 Westcliffe Kendel)
27  1901 death  Clara Jane Smith [various]
27  8 Oct 1901 owner  Arthur Walter Smith ,Wholesale stationer Clara Smith died, leaving everything to her brother Arthur Walter Smith (wholesale stationer) and his wife Caroline.   [various]
27  8 Oct 1901 owner  Caroline Smith [various]
27  1904 birth  Emily Charlotte Grant BDM
27  1904-16-06 owner  Caroline Smith Assent by AW Smith conveying his share of the property to his wife Caroline Smith "in consideration of his natural love and affection for her…"   [various]
27  1907 birth  Mabel Kathleen Dent 1911 census (at 8 Westcliffe Kendel)
27  6 Nov 1921 owner  James Wilfed Dent ,Commercial Traveller Purchase Price 900Conveyance: Mrs C Smith of Clevedon to James Wilfrid Dent of Kendal, commercial traveller. For £900.   [various]
27  14 Nov 1930 owner  Mabel Mary Isabella Dent Conveyance: JW Dent of Cheltenham (grantor) and Mabel Mary Isabella Dent of 27 Morley Square, wife of JW Dent and Mabel Kathleen Dent also of 27 Mortley Square, daughter of JW Dent. Grantor has decided to live apart from his wife ‘and has refused to return to her and in consideration of her not applying for an order for restitution of conjugal rights it has been agreed that he shall convey the said property’ to wife and daughter.   [various]
27  14 Nov 1930 owner  Mabel Kathleen Dent [various]
27  7 Jul 1933 report  Opinion that the above conveyance is a settlement made in favour of a purchase in good faith within the meaning of S42(1) of Bankruptcy Act 1914 and so would not be avoided in the event of Mr Dent becoming Bankrupt.   [various]
27  24 Jul 1933 report  Mortgage: MG Grant (Mtg'or), James Ervin Grant of Redland (same address as MG Grant), retired civil servant (the Surety) and Bristol and West of England Building Society. Advance of £580. Must be insured for at least £700.   [various]
27  24 Jul 1933 owner  Mabel Gertrude Grant Purchase Price 690MMI Dent and MK Dent of 27 Morley Square (the vendors) to Mabel Gertrude Grant of Redland (spinster). For £690.   [various]
27  1939 report  Emily Charlotte Grant living in Henleaze Gardens - shop manager Fruit and Veg   1939 census 1939 census
27  1939 report  James Edwin Grant living in Henleaze Gardens - with George Smelle and family - shop assistant   1939 census 1939 census
27  21 Jun 1951 report  Vacating receipt on repayment of mortgage.   [various]
27  21 May 1954 report  Mortgage: MG Grant of 27 M Sq (Mtg'or), John Norman Grant (surety) and Bristol and West BS. Advance of £650 to be repaid over 10 years.   [various]
27  Mar 1959 death  James E Grant 87, born NaN in web
27  26 Mar 1963 report  Mortage paid off.   [various]
27  2 Oct 1981 owner  Frieda May Murray [various]
27  2 Oct 1981 owner  John Cameron Murray Purchase Price 31000Conveyance: MG Grant of 27 M Sq to John Cameron Murray and Freida May Murray both of Clifton for £31,000   [various]
27  6 Oct 1989 report  Rent Charge Redemption Certificate - £44.91p having been paid to Shenstone Properties.   [various]
27  2001 death  Emily Charlotte Grant BDM